Am Sonntag 19 Juli 2015, 02:34:26 schrieb C.  Fuhrman:
> I posted quite a detailed question on the tex stack exchange here:
> The short version is that I'm using LyX 2.1.3 on Windows with the
> Exam.cls and a layout file I've customized.
> In the context of a \begin{questions} environment (defined in a Flex
> Inset), I'd like to know if it's possible for LyX to automatically
> repeat a certain style within. For example, it's intuitive within this
> environment to repeat the Question style (which is a LatexType Command
> that maps to \question[]{}). LyX always gives me 'Plain Layout' within
> the inset to start. When I set it to Question, type the question and
> press return, I get again a 'Plain Layout'. I would like Question to be
> the "style for next paragraph" within this inset.
> I can *almost* do this with an LatexType Item_Environment which gives me
> Enumerated (\item) styles. However, I'd like to state which LyX style to
> repeat within my custom environment.

You can use the ItemCommand layout option for this task:

Style Questions
  Margin           Static
  LatexType        Item_Environment
  LatexName        questions
  ItemCommand      question
  Argument item:1
    MenuString     "Point Value"
    LabelString    "Points"
  LeftMargin       MMN
  LabelSep         xx
  LabelType        Enumerate


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