The journal to which I plan to submit a manuscript requires double spacing. So 
I went to Document -> Settings... -> Text Layout -> Line Spacing and selected 
Double. (I'm using Article (Standard Class).)

This made the rendered PDF double spaced but much to my surprise, the LyX 
display also became double spaced! This is BAD. This is a lot WYSIWYG, not 
WYSISYM. Now I can see only half as much stuff in LyX and I have to scroll a 
lot etc.

How can I make the LyX display maintain a nice compact appearance while still 
having a PDF that is double-spaced?

More to the point of LyX design: Things under Document -> Settings seem to 
relate to how the _document_ looks, and things under LyX -> Preferences -> Look 
and Feel (on OS X) affect how LyX looks. So there should be a setting in Look 
and Feel for on-screen line spacing, separate from how the rendered output will 

Please tell me that I've missed something.

I'm using a 2.2 beta.


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