I have some older slides with frames divided into two columns. On the left
column, there is an itemized list exposed one slide at a time. On the
right, a corresponding image alternates within a fixed overlayarea.

In previous Lyx versions I did this with <1->, <2-> etc (on the left), and
overlayarea(width)(height) and  \includegraphics<1>[]{},
\includegraphics<2>[]{}, etc (on the right)

These slides do not compile in 2.1.4.

I am having limited success with Overprint instead: the left column now
appears like this:
onslide 1- textA
onslide 2- textB

And the right column like this:
Overprint onslide 1 (image1)
Overprint onslide 2 (image2)

But my problem is controlling the width of the overprint. It doesn't seem
that inserting Overprint Area Width does anything. Looking at the source
pane, filling the width box is not even reflected in the source; inserting
it within the width box as ERT with Ctrl+L is reflected in the source, but
has no effect on the image size.

Any ideas?

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