Am Dienstag 27 Oktober 2015, 22:09:08 schrieb Eran Kaplinsky:
> I have some older slides with frames divided into two columns. On the left
> column, there is an itemized list exposed one slide at a time. On the
> right, a corresponding image alternates within a fixed overlayarea.
> In previous Lyx versions I did this with <1->, <2-> etc (on the left), and
> overlayarea(width)(height) and  \includegraphics<1>[]{},
> \includegraphics<2>[]{}, etc (on the right)
> These slides do not compile in 2.1.4.

Could you provide an example file? This might be a bug in the lyx2lyx 

> I am having limited success with Overprint instead: the left column now
> appears like this:
> onslide 1- textA
> onslide 2- textB
> And the right column like this:
> Overprint onslide 1 (image1)
> Overprint onslide 2 (image2)
> But my problem is controlling the width of the overprint. It doesn't seem
> that inserting Overprint Area Width does anything. Looking at the source
> pane, filling the width box is not even reflected in the source; inserting
> it within the width box as ERT with Ctrl+L is reflected in the source, but
> has no effect on the image size.

Again, please post a minimal example.


> Any ideas?
> Eran

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