Am Freitag 04 Dezember 2015, 16:48:48 schrieb David:
> Sounds interesting. But what is trunk and how would I have to change the
> todonotes module in order to enable loading via the features interface?

"trunk" is the development version of LyX, i.e. forthcoming LyX 2.2.

With LyX 2.1.x, you cannot use the descirbed feature with the todonotes 
module, since it only works for packages "known" to LyX (and the todonotes 
packages is not known to LyX 2.1). Making a package "known" requires a change 
in the LyX source code.

With LyX 2.2, you just need to copy the following to Document > Settings > 
Local Layout:

PackageOptions todonotes myoptions


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