On Wed, Mar 02, 2016 at 02:00:22PM -0500, Ross Reyes wrote:
> I often have the same problem.
> To solve I usually just open the file and edit this to match the current
> version of LyX.
> I must be doing something wrong because you'd think the files would be
> automatically upconverted but for some reason I have to manually edit them,
> but it works.

Thanks for giving this feedback. You are right that if you manually
change the line LyX will not do the update. This could lead to strange
problems. If you come across that problem again, it would be great if
you can send us an example document that you can no longer open. This
way we will be able to fix the root bug.

Or perhaps it happens will all files? If so, then it is probably the
case that LyX is having trouble calling lyx2lyx. I seem to recall
several issues with Windows and Python in the past. But if this were the
case, it seems we would also have trouble calling configure.py.


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