On 05/12/2016 08:28 PM, Ron Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> I’ve followed the instructions
> at https://wiki.lyx.org/Tips/UseInkscapeSVGImages  but I’m
> encountering the following error on Mac OS El Capitan:
> The command
> Inkscape --file="1_Users_ronstone_Desktop_drawing.svg"
> --export-area-drawing --without-gui
> --export-pdf="1_Users_ronstone_Desktop_drawing.pdf"
> has not yet completed.
> The SVG file I am trying to incorporate is drawing.svg, on the desktop
> (same location as the .lyx file that is using it). I don’t understand
> the conversion of the full file path to:
> 1_Users_ronstone_Desktop_drawing.svg in the above error message. Where
> is that filename coming from?

Conversions are performed in LyX's temporary directory, in order to
avoid polluting your own directories. I do not know exactly where that
directory is on OSX. On Linux, it is at /tmp/lyx_temdir.XXXXXX, where
the X's are random characters. Inside that directory are various
subdirectories for different documents. LyX's copies the file to be
converted into the relevant directory but renames it so as to avoid
possible naming conflicts.

Hard to know why the command isn't completing. I'd suggest you try
running this sort of command from a terminal. If you can actually run it
in LyX's temporary directory, on the copied svg file.


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