Liviu Andronic wrote:

> 2.2.0 packages are now available on the PPA, including for 16.04:
> Please report on the list if you encounter any issues with the packaging.

Thank you Liviu for the packages !

I have updated LyX on Ubuntu 14.04 with the apt-get -f install trick.

It is working but I have lost shortcuts Ctrl-x, Ctrl-c, etc...

My personal cua.bind was not upgraded by installing the new version. Mine 
was a format 2 and it seems now it has jumped to format 4.

I had to go into my lyx directory :

cd ~./lyx/bind

and copy the new cua.bind

cp /usr/share/lyx/bind/cua.bind .

and restart LyX and now it works. 

I guess it is something specific to me and I must have copied the cua.bind 
some times ago in my personal LyX directory and modified it. 

I did not see an error message when loading LyX explaining that the bind 
file was in an obsolete format.


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