Julio Rojas <jcredberry <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I am on 14.04 and a problem appear in the automatic updater, asking me to
apt-get install -f on a console, which apparently run fine. Any idea on what

Not sure if it's related, but when I tried to update from Liv's (stable) PPA
on a Mint Rebecca machine (based on Ubuntu 14.04), the update failed with a
message that it was attempting to overwrite an icon file. Why that would be
a problem I have no idea. After than, Synaptic wouldn't do anything until I
fixed broken packages, and the "fix broken packages" menu item in Synaptic
didn't seem to actually fix them. So I did a complete uninstall of LyX 2.1.4
(including common) and then a fresh install, and everything worked. On a
second Rebecca machine, I went straight to a complete uninstall/fresh
install with no problems.


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