Den 31. mai 2016 10:50, skrev Wolfgang Engelmann:
I used ./configure --with-version-suffix=22
and make
and #make install
so probably neither one

Removing rc1 is not necessary for correct operation of lyx 2.2.0 in this case. The rc1 lyx you compiled is named "lyx-22", and won't interfere with the packaged lyx named "lyx".

You may of course still want to remove the older lyx-22 to save space or have a tidy filesystem. The binaries:
rm /usr/local/lyx-22*
(removes lyx-22 and lyxclient-22. You must be root or use sudo to do this)

Other lyx files:
rm -r /usr/local/share/lyx-22
(removes everything else, templates, scripts, document classes and so on. You must be root for this too.)

Check if there is anything else left:
find /usr/local/ -name "lyx-22*"
If anything is found, consider removing it. If it has "-22" in the name, it is only needed for lyx-22 and should be of little use for anything else.

Personal lyx-22 rc1 stuff:
rm -r ~/.lyx-22
(removes settings, customizations and personal templates for this particular lyx. If you have saved anything in here, such as your own templates or document classes, then you may want to copy it into the new .lyx/ folder first. )

The distro package system installs lyx stuff in /usr/share/lyx/, which is a different folder from those used by lyx-22. The distributed binaries should be /usr/bin/lyx and /usr/bin/lyxclient, and the personal folder for settings etc. is ~/.lyx/

A lyx you install with "make install" goes in /usr/local/... so it won't interfere with anything from the package management system of the linux distribution. And when you use "--with-version-suffix=22", everything will be tagged with that convenient "-22". This makes removal easier, and allows installation of many versions of lyx simultaneously, which is useful for testing & development. All different versions should use different version-suffix.

Helge Hafting

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