if this is the first time to use classicthesis in Lyx then you might get classicthesis 4.1 first and the wait till your distributions are fit and complete for version 4.2 which is downwards compatible to version 4.1 AFAIK version 4.2 also depends on some latest coma-packages that are up to now not yet available/standard in most distributions. Classicthesis 4.1 works well with me and cooperates flawlessly with bibtex as well as with biblatex.
I will switch to version 4.2 when my distro is ready and prepared for it.

On 05/31/2016 09:49 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
I try to use ClassicThesis under Lyx.
I unpacked this:
(classicthesis-v4.2 is a bugfix release of the classic thesis template that for the first time introduces BibLaTeX, a powerful package for formatting citations and references. Due to lacking support in LyX, several hacks have been applied (wiki.lyx.org/BibTeX/Biblatex) so that standard LyX dialogs could be used for citation input, and bibliography databases found during compilation. BibLaTeX is capable of employing several backends for bibliography management; we provide two: biber, the preferred and most capable one (but still immature and sometimes glitchy), and bibtex8. If both fail for you, revert to the old bibliography management with BibTeX.)
and followed this:
Test the template by opening and compiling ClassicThesis.lyx in this order: 1-classicthesis-LyX-v4.2_biblatex_biber/ (tested and worked with TeX Live 2014 on Fedora Linux 22) 2-classicthesis-LyX-v4.2_biblatex_bibtex8/ (tested and worked with MikTeX 2.9 on Windows as well)
Note that this is the same template set up in three different ways - you will be using only one of the folders.

Under Kubuntu (14. ) and using Lyx2.2.0 (of 23.5.2016)
I get the following errors:
1- csquotes.sty not found
2- csquotes.sty not found
3- mparlack.sty not found

Under Debian (GNU/Linux 8.4 (jessie) Release: 8.4) and using Lyx2.2.0 (of 23.5.2016) I get the following errors:
1- biblatex.sty not found
2- biblatex.sty not found
3- beramono.sty not found

What do I have to do to get it working (especially the one under Kubuntu)?
Could it be a texlive issue?


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