On 31.05.2016 12:11, Michael Berger wrote:
if this is the first time to use classicthesis in Lyx then you might get classicthesis 4.1 first and the wait till your distributions are fit and complete for version 4.2 which is downwards compatible to version 4.1 AFAIK version 4.2 also depends on some latest coma-packages that are up to now not yet available/standard in most distributions. Classicthesis 4.1 works well with me and cooperates flawlessly with bibtex as well as with biblatex.
I will switch to version 4.2 when my distro is ready and prepared for it.
Thanks Michael,
but the 4.2 version seems to work at least as biblatex_bibtex8.
biblatex_biber does not show the references in the pdf output, but perhaps somebody can point me to the cause of it.

I was going to give a talk on ClassicThesis at the Tuebix meeting on the 10th of June (http://www.tuebix.org/) in Tuebingen, Germany. Since it is soon starting, I am glad I could get it working now with the help of this excellent list.

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