Am Montag, den 30.05.2016, 11:02 +0200 schrieb UD:
> Thanks a lot--  I have now upgraded to 2.2 without issues.  Now if I
> could only get the Lyx icons on my Yoga 2 Pro HiDPI to be a little
> bigger so I could actually see them, I might even be happy!

Try right-click on the toolbar and select "Huge" or "Giant". (This
should not be needed IMHO, LyX should scale the icons appropriately if
HiDPI is detected, but this is unfortunately not the case).

Note also that, with Linux, you might need to pass a specific value to
activate Qt's HiDPI support via .profile

depending on your Qt version it is either

(as of Qt 5.6)


(Qt 5.4 and 5.5)

(works well for me on the same machine)


> Yours,
> EK

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