On Sat, Jun 07, 2014 at 12:07:58PM +0200, Georg Baum wrote:
> Cyril wrote:
> > The converter is from what initial format ? I guess the final is PDF.
> > But the initial one is LaTeX, LyX,...?
> That depends. I guess you want to use pdflatex for direct pdf production. In 
> that case, use "LaTeX (pdflatex)" (code name pdflatex in the preferences 
> file), and your three commands are
> pdflatex myfile.tex
> asy myfile-*
> pdflatex myfile.tex
> If you use TeXLive, you can even use latexmk instead of a wrapper script 
> (from 
> http://asymptote.sourceforge.net/doc/LaTeX-usage.html):
> latexmk -pdf myfile
> The final format is the new PDF variant you need to define. Otherwise your 
> new converter would overwrite the default, and this would cause errors for 
> files without asymptote code. 

Hi Cyril,

Did you get this to work? We have an open enhancement request to
possibly improve support for asymptote in LyX:

But we would need your help to proceed.


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