I installedl from what I believe is a prepackaged binary from Liviu
Andronic's  stable PPA <https://launchpad.net/%7Elyx-devel/+archive/release>
which I have used before.

My installed version of qt is qt4.5 which if I am reading the release notes
correctly should be okay.


On 1 June 2016 at 14:40, Georg Baum <georg.b...@post.rwth-aachen.de> wrote:

> John Kane wrote:
> >  I just did an upgrade to LyX 2.2.0 successfully for the most part but my
> > menu toolbar has turned to text—there are no icons! See attached
> > screenshot. Note that the menu toolbar and the math toolbar are both in
> > text. The splash screen icon is there.
> > A quick look at usr/share/lyx/ui shows four files, default.ui,
> > stdcontex.inc, stdmenus.inc, & stdtoolbars.inc, all of which look okay.
> > Unfortunately I have no idea were to look for the actual icons (.svg
> > files?).
> > Any suggestions would be appreciated
> > LyX 2.2.0 Ubuntu 16.04
> LyX 2.2.0 requires a qt with SVG support compiled in (as mentioned in
> RELEASE_NOTES). This looks like your qt does not have proper SVG support.
> Which qt version are you using? Did you compile from source or install some
> prepackaged binary?
> Georg

John Kane
Kingston ON Canada

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