On 08/29/2016 03:26 PM, Jannick wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to specify the tab name in an .xlsx file to be imported to
> lyx using gnumeric's ssconvert.exe? 
> The conversion command
>       ssconvert --export-type=Gnumeric_html:latex $$i $$o
> picks one of the tabs. I am not sure if ssconvert's -S switch could help
> here, but I would be curious if a specific tab could be chosen. Certainly,
> as workaround the tabs could be split to a number of .xlsx files, however,
> this is not very practicable if the tabs depend on each other
> calculation-wise.  

Someone here may know, but you might better try asking on some
Gnumeric-related list.


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