very easy :-)-O

It is included as standard in TeXLive (incl MacTeX) and MikTeX, so it
should be already in Document->Settings...  Document Class.

Take a copy of your file, and try it out :-)-O

Once you have arrived at whatever you want in each file to appear
(Under Custom: I like something like parskip=half, DIV=13 for
example), you save as document standard.

It does letters too :-)-O

And if you want to see what is possible if your really want to dig
deep, look at


On 2016-08-30 12:48, CarLaTeX wrote:
2016-08-30 13:45 GMT+02:00 Dr Eberhard W Lisse <>:

    It can do all the things the standard Article/Report/Book can,
    hence there is not much need to study for standard things, but
    on the other hand has a large number of possibilities.

    I do not use the standard Article/Report/Book any more.
Is it easy to use with LyX?

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