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indeed it turned directly back without any output. How should I proceed?

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I am copying the user list to keep the discussion there (since the list is archived, and in the hopes a Windows user will chime in -- like Scott, I use Linux).

Three possibilities come to mind. I suggest checking them in the order I list them. The first is that the MiKTeX bundle did not install for some reason. You can test that by checking that there are folders for it and that article.cls is in one of them. While you are at it, you should note down the location of latex.exe and pdflatex.exe. If the files are missing, I suggest downloading a MiKTeX installer from the MiKTeX web site.

The second is that MiKTeX is installed but did not make it onto your system command path (meaning the system cannot find it when the time comes to use it). Try running |echo %PATH%| from a command prompt and see if the path to the .exe files appears there. If not, you can edit your path to add the missing directories (see, for instance, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23400030/windows-7-add-path), or you can just reinstall MiKTeX as in the previous paragraph.

The third (and in my mind least likely) possibility is that MiKTeX is installed, but with the wrong permissions, so that perhaps only a "superuser" can run it. This would require that you be logged in with a user account that does not have "superuser" privileges. That can happen in some cases where the computer belongs to your employer and the employer's IT group does not give the user full rights to the machine. I've been off Windows too long to remember how to fix that, but in all likelihood it would require the involvement of someone from IT who does have superuser rights.

I hope that helps.


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