On 09/20/2016 12:03 PM, Richard Opheim wrote:
Sorry---here's the file with the fonts removed from the preamble and a figure file as well.
As before, the PDF displays but the text still doesn't wrap.
Also, I'm using the Memoir class, if that makes any difference.


I'm copying the user list on this, to keep the discussion visible to others.

Thanks for the improved example. There are two things I think you should change in it if you need to repost it later for some reason. First, the file path for the image refers to a subdirectory. Since the downloaded image will be in the same directory as the downloaded LyX file, that will need to be changed.

Second, you have the image at the start of the paragraph. I cannot find any way to trigger wrapping there (which may just be my lack of familiarity with the finer points of wrapfig). If I put it somewhere in the interior of the paragraph, I can get it to wrap, so you might want to move it there. When you move the figure into the body of the paragraph, you need to make sure it is not included in the bold faced section; if it is, spacing will be screwed up. The trick is to reset the series for all the text to the default, insert the figure where you want it, then select the preceding text, bold it, select the following text, and bold that.

With all that done, the image still pops to the bottom of the page, apparently because the text is left-justified. If you change the paragraph to default justification, wrapping works. As I said, I'm no expert on wrapfig, so I don't know whether it is compatible with non-default text justification. A Google search was not helpful in that regard. Looking at the LaTeX source generated by LyX, I see no problems, so I suspect this is an issue with wrapfig.


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