On 09/21/2016 12:39 PM, Ben Lowe wrote:
> I'd be grateful with help compiling Lyx on RHEL6
> (2.6.32-573.3.1.el6.x86_64).  I compiled Lyx 2.1.4 a while back with
> no problem but having issues on 2.2.1. I have attached my configure
> log and makefile logs. I am using conda with a python 2.7 environment
> loaded (default is python 3.5).
> When I configure, it only has a minor error due to Image Magic which I
> believe I can ignore. The make fails with:
> "/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/4.4.7/../../../../include/c++/4.4.7/tr1_impl/functional:1225:

I'm not sure, but it is possible that gcc 4.4.7 is too old for 2.2.x. I
can't remember where
we document this, so I'm changing the subject line in the hope someone
else will see it
and tell us.


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