Den 09. okt. 2016 19:00, skrev N. Andrew Walsh:
Hi List,

I have numerous bibliography entries of articles that are given in the bibliography with their respective page ranges. However, I want to have some citations give the specific page on which the cited material appears. Is there a way to do this?

Currently, I'm using the "Text after" field in the citation dialog to add a page number, but this results in the output document simple showing that text in brackets before the unprocessed bibtex key.

What I would prefer is if the citations would either give the page ranges of the entry for the first entry, or, if a number[-range] is given in the "Text after" field, to use that instead.

Or is there a better way to control this behavior and get the output I want?

There is the option of having several bibliography entries for the same article; all citing with different pages or page ranges. Unless someone else has a better solution.

Helge Hafting

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