Hi all,

So in the Linguistics module, two numbering environments are available:
consecutive and multiline numbering. Ever since upgrading to 2.2.1, I'm
having trouble entering multiple consecutive numbering examples--the next
line is not numbered, so they all behave sort of like multiline until a
different environment is introduced between two examples. That wasn't a
problem in older versions (see http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/LinguistLyX#toc10).

Used to be:

(1) example (consec)
(2) example (consec)

(1) example (multiline)
     example (multiline cont'd)

Now (2.2.1):

(1) example (consec)
     example (consec still)

I know that there is a covington issue in 2.2.1 but have the updated
version of covington.sty, 1.2, so is this something else? Or have there
been changes in how this environment works in 2.2x?


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