Here's what I found:

A. I cut back via UNDO until I could get the PDF to format correctly.

B. Then I hit REDO once.

C. I saw that the last UNDO eliminated an equation that had the [PARAGRAPH] 
identifier beside it (on LHS).

D. I thought: Problem solved. But question why it occurred? I often cut some 
math from a text line and paste it into an equation; eg, when I introduce math 
terms in the paragraph before the equation. 

E: So I hit UNDO again; checked PDF formats OK; then began entering new text, 

F: 20 minutes later, PDF will not format.

G: Repeated procedure  from A-C above and found that I had to UNDO to an OLDER 
equation with [PARAGRAPH] identifier beside it (on LHS).

H. So did E again. Problem is now fixed!

I. Interesting behaviour: that the older PARAGRAPH] [EQUATION] took time to 

J. Working OK now, EXCEPT: Maybe my latest BUG report is related; FIND and 
CHANGE in MATH mode triggers BUG-report. Huge report (too big to copy) sent to 
Apple via the Mac system; so I hope it can be recovered from them. I was 
putting hats ^ on some vectors.  

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