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I tried the ones that failed AFTER trying the ones you suggested, but all failed. I have put the statement in the Latex preamble under Document/settings. I am not using itemize subitem explicitly anywhere here-- I am creating a table of contents with section, subsection, subsubsection-- Lyx is dong the rest. I know it should be doable, since I have seen presentations with the correct appearance, but I do not have the Lyx/Latex source for those.

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Ehud Kaplan

On 10/16/2016 07:11 PM, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
Am Sonntag, den 16.10.2016, 18:52 +0200 schrieb UD:
As mentioned in my original post, I want the bullets for the
subsection and subsubsections to be all different from each other
level should have its own bullet shape in the table of contents).  I
tried to put in the Latex Preamble:

\setbeamertemplate{section subsection}[triangle]


\setbeamertemplate{section subsection}[circle triangle]



but evidently this syntax is wrong, since it did not work.
Yes it is wrong. As I wrote in my first reply, the templates are called
"itemize item", "itemize subitem" and "itemize subsubitem" (not
"section subsection"). So:

\setbeamertemplate{itemize item}[triangle]

\setbeamertemplate{itemize subitem}[circle triangle]

etc. should do.


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