edu Gpl wrote:

> Dear Paul, lyx users
> please how i can add differents bullts in the same document ?
> Example: in attachment files i used main documnts with bullts (shape =
> dots), and child documents "exam" with bullts (shape = square), but when i
> generated pdf file, i got all the bullts with ( shape = dots ) like the
> attachment files.
> best regards

You will have to change the bullet shape before your second list.

Insert in a latex inset (Ctrl-L) : \renewcommand{\labelitemi}{\(\square\)}

\renewcommand is a basic LateX command that redefines a macro. Here 
\labelitemi the macro that insert the bullet for a first level bullet list.

You redefine the macro to insert a square  \(\square\). It will work if you 
have loaded the amssymb package in your preamble, so add this line

To understand more about lists :


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