Am Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016 um 15:32:08, schrieb Paola Manzini 

> hi Stephan, thanks for the scissor tip, will never look at 8< the same way 
> again :-)
> I’ve followed all your steps, but sadly still nothing has changed - tough 
> maybe I have erred somewhere? Here is what I did: 
> First of all I created the wrapper file, and put it in HOME\bin, which I had 
> already created following your instructions.
> Then I’ve run 
> $ cat $HOME/bin/maxima
> in the terminal window, and got the two lines of the new “wrapper” file. 
> Then put both ~/bin and HOME/bin in the LyX path for good measure, 
> reconfigured LyX, closed Lyx and relaunched it, and again, it does not work.
> So I thought maybe I should also have run the last two of the three other 
> lines of code to be run in the terminal. Did that, but as you can see from 
> the attachment after running that command I do not get a “$” sign, but a “>” 
> as terminal prompt. Maybe this is the problem?
> Thanks for your patience!

No problem. Simply type the 2 lines, cat is awaiting input.
To end the input you have to enter EOF, probably it is control+D.


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