Dear Daniel,

As you can see by the results shown in the attached PDF, "pdflandscape"
rotates the page, not the longtable (look at the page numbers and the test
in the table). What I need is to rotate the longtable, so it better fits
with my data. Nevertheless, I thank you for your help.

Should this be reported as a desired feature? Or would it be a very complex
task to include in this developing cycle?


Julio Rojas

On Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 3:07 AM, racoon <> wrote:

> On 07.11.2016 23:12, Julio Rojas wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I would like to have a long and wide table in such a way that allows me
>> to optimize the space on my document. I tried rotating a longtable, but
>> an error was produced. Then I defined my longtable and used the
>> "pdflscape", which produced a rotated page with a non-rotated table. Is
>> there an easy way to produce a rotated longtable in Lyx? Or should I
>> produce table in LaTeX code?
>> Thanks in advance.
> Hi Julio,
> So you want to rotate the content only on one of your pages, right?
> Otherwise you could just use Document->Settings->Page Layout->Landscape.
> For only one page with a rotated table I had no problems with using
> \usepackage{pdflscape}
> in the Preamble and an ERT with
> \begin{landscape}
> before and
> \end{landscape}
> after the table. Notice that for it to work you have to disable Landscape
> in the document Settings. (Otherwise you get a double-rotation.)
> If it does not work maybe you can send an example file.
> Daniel

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