On 2016-11-11, Neal Becker wrote:
> I've written several IEEE publications using lyx.  They only accept .dvi 
> (not pdf).

> When I'm writing I use:
> settings/fonts/non-tex (all defaults)
> and
> settings/output/pdf(luatex)

> When I submit 
> uncheck: settings/fonts/non-tex
> settings/output/dvi(luatex)

> The results look very different.  The 2nd (submit) version has much heavier 
> font, especially the title.  Actually, I think it looks more readable.

> I have no idea why.

With non-tex fonts, you are overriding the document class default font
settings. non-tex fonts by default use the Unicode-encoded version of

AFAIK, IEEE document classes set some Times-like 8-bit fonts. These are also
used with DVI(LuaTeX) unless you use fontspec (via the "non-TeX fonts"


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