I would like to thank Paul A. Rubin and Richard Shepard for their suggestions and help re Jabref-3.7 installation (which I use as a reference manager under Lyx).

The problem was, that my Jabref 2.10 did recently not give any results under WEB search for references, e.g. by using medline (I am using debian jessie)

It turned out that the solution was quite simple:

Since Jabref 3.8 needs Java 8, I installed this first by using synaptic. In /search /I asked for java8 (not java 8 -this gives you more offers) and got

1- oracle-java8-installer

2- oracle-java8-set-default

3- oracle-java8-iunlimited-jce-policy

out of which I selected /1 and 2/, but NOT yet 3, for installing.

/3/ was installed AFTER 1 and 2 installation was finished

Since jabref of debian offers only version 2.10 as the newest version, I downloaded it from
as JabRef-3.7.jar (35MiB) and put it as a starter on my desktop. Now I can start it by clicking at the icon and I am able to use the medline data bank again.

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