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> I am preparing an IEEE Transactions manuscript (IEEEtran LyX template)
> that references a bibtex database maintained by BibDesk. BibDesk shows
> filled-in fields for such things as DOI, URL, and ISSN. I do not want these
> fields to appear in the IEEE bibliography because IEEE formatting does not
> want them, but they do. Is this a bug in IEEEtran

This is perhaps an inconsistency where the IEEEtran.bst LyX is using is not
in line with current IEEE requirements.  This statement assumes you are
using BibDesk to generate a BibTeX file that LyX then uses with the
IEEEtran style.

> or can this be controlled by LyX or do I have to mess with something else?

I recommend adjusting your current IEEEtran.bst, searching for an
IEEE-compliant .bst to use, or creating your own with makebst.  A workflow
would be like:

First use latex makebst to be routed through a menu-driven interface to
define the various stylistic parameters for the bibliography entries. This
will create a .log and .dbj file. From there, run tex ...djb to create a
standard .bstfile.

Some guessing-and-testing will likely be necessary.

> Is this related to IEEEtran.cls?

I don't believe so.  The .cls file controls the document layout, the .bst
file defines the bibliography style.

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