Dear LyX on Windows users,

some of you might have recently encountered problems with the PDF output of your LyX files. documents that worked fine lead now to LaTeX errors. These problems were introduced by a major package refactoring of the LaTeX distribution MiKTeX that is used by default by LyX on Windows.

There are 2 ways to solve them:

1. run MiKTeX's update program _twice_

If this does not solve your problems and you still get LaTeX errors, the easiest way is to

2. uninstall MiKTeX _completely_ and subsequently install LyX 2.2.2 over your existing LyX installation using this new installer:

It will automatically reinstall a new MiKTeX and set up everything for you. This might take some time depending on your Internet speed because LyX needs a lot LaTeX packages that will be downloaded.

regards Uwe

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