On 15.2.2017 20:55, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
On 02/15/2017 03:09 AM, Niklas Huldén wrote:

I recently uppdated to LyX 2.2.2 on Windows 7 with MikTeX 2.9 and
noticed that pdf- files and eps-files does not render in LyX:s edit
window. The pdf-output is ok. The process of displaying these formats
allways ends with "Error converting to loadable format" or something
like that. This used to be fine in earlier versions. LyX 2.2.2 on my
Mac and Linux (Mint)shows no problems with this.

I completely uninstalled MiKTeX and LyX and installed Texlive and a
new copy of LyX 2.2. Same symptoms here! I then uninstalled them again
(manually renaming every folder with preferences) and used the latest
"Bundle" (no 4) from LyX.org to reinstall the programs. No change,
everything is ok but pdf:s and eps-files dont render in LyX:s editing
window. I remember there was a thread on this som time ago, but the
advice was allways to try what I just have done. Does anybody else
have any similar experiences?

Best Regards!

Niklas Huldén
I suspect there's a problem with the programs used to convert PDF or EPS
images to the format LyX uses for display. Start by going to Tools >
Preferences... > File Handling > Converters, highlight the EPS -> PNG
converter, and look at the command in the "Converter:" box. Using a
command window, make sure that program is installed and executes. If
that checks out, repeat for the PDF (graphics) -> EPS converter.


I just checked this now. The EPS -> PNG converter command is "magick $$i $$o" and it executes fine from command line. The PDF (graphics) -> EPS converter is "pdftops -eps -f 1 -l 1 $$i $$o" and it also works from command line.

If the PNG -> EPS converter command is "convert $$i $$o", there was a
second issue back when I used Windows that might still be in play. (I'm
not sure, as I switched off Windows a long time ago.) IIRC, Windows had
a "convert" program that did something unrelated to graphics.

I can't find any PNG -> EPS converter in my file handling preferences at all. Is this converter necessary? If you meant EPS -> PNG in the above section there was the "magick" command which worked as explained. In addition to the LyX-installed imagemagick I also do have a stand alone copy of ImageMagick installed.

The "convert" command indeed calls the windows command for converting filesystems, but I can't find any reference to "convert" in the preferences. Maybe "magick" calls something?

The one
used by LyX for image converges is part of ImageMagick. So you not only
need to verify that ImageMagick is properly installed, you also need to
verify that the ImageMagick convert program appears ahead of the Windows
convert program on the system command path. If not, I think you can
remedy it by putting the ImageMagick directory in Tools > Preferences...
Paths > PATH prefix. (Back in my day, I see to recall having to edit
the system command path, which is not too hard.)

ImageMagick is in the paths prefix. Have to check the system command path still.


Thank you for your efforts :)


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