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Hey everyone,

I've googled around and there doesn't seem to be a consensus about the source of the problem -- some just suggest making sure the lyx is the latest version.

I've attached the error as a screen shot. But, the problem seems to be rooted in some text that I copy/pasted from a word doc. The formatting was different, so I first pasted into another word doc with no special formatting, and then into lyx. But when I try to pdf the document, it crashes. (Before, it would crash when I highlighted the pasted in text.) It seems to be "normal" now that I took that part of the text out.

Any ideas what is going wrong?

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A first thought is to look at the LyX document the document with the offending text pasted in, and use View > Source Pane to get a look at what the source text going to LaTeX looks like. That might let you spot some character that looks harmless in the GUI (and in Word) but actually is the Unicode character for the apocalypse or something.

Failing that, could you post a minimal example that contains just enough text to cause LyX to blow up at your end?

Also, it might help to know what operating system you use, what LaTeX system (TeXLive, MikTeX, ...) and what version/build of LyX (Help > About LyX).


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