Dear all,
I am now using Mageia 6, Kernel 4.9.35-desktop-1.mga6 / 64-bit / KDE

My many LyX documents of various classes produced in Mageia 5 generated PDF without any problems. In Mageia 6 all other document classes do so as before but my "ClassicThesis.lyx" documents throw out error messages. I then tried Miede's original forms (nothing was added, edited or changed) and again no PDF was generated instead the following errors were reported:

Latex Error: \bflabel undefined
Latex Error:  File 'beramono.sty' not found

Latex Error: File 'beramono.sty' not found

Latex Error: File 'beramono.sty' not found

What could be the problem here?

Thanks and regards,

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