I back Roberto on this one. Despite my pleas, some of my colleagues have 
already shied away from using LyX because of these unnecessary hurdles, and 
that’s a shame in my opinion as LyX has so much more to offer than MS Word and 
similar. And if word can “hide” a zip in a docx-file, perhaps it is useful to 
hide it in a lyxx-file too?

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Jan Annaert

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Date: Saturday 29 July 2017 12:44
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Subject: Re: all-inclusive file format

The current lyx format then does just right for you. That does not mean
that does right for everybody who uses the software. I hate MS Word too,
but I also do not like having folders plenty of pictures that I have to
carefully select when I pass the file to someone or share it in dropbox
and alike.

On 28/07/2017 18:10, Hobbs,Tom wrote:
This is precisely what I was saying.  Rather than have everything hidden
in a file as MS Word does, simply put the needed graphics files in a
folder shared with you lyx document.  No special file formats are
needed.  I agree, I hate MS Word.
On Jul 28, 2017, at 10:02 AM, Joe <jtw...@gmx.com<mailto:jtw...@gmx.com>
<mailto:jtw...@gmx.com><mailto:jtw...@gmx.com%3e>> wrote:

It would appear that on Jul 28, Hobbs,Tom did say:

Goodness gracious. Just put everything in a folder and send that,
which is
precisely what MS Word does without you knowing it.

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