On 31/07/2017 19:10, Steve Litt wrote:
The ability to directly edit graphics within a LyX file would be a nice
Hi Steve, I hope I am quoting you correctly by only reporting the sentence I want to comment about.

As far as I can understand the feature I am talking about does not require _editing_ graphics. It just requires an option (which can be set as default as well) to copy any graphics the user pastes or links into a hidden folder that is managed LyX. Documents at that point become "LyX archives" made of a "myfile.lyx" and a ".stuff_for_myfile" folder, nicely archived into a single thing, that you may call a .LyXar (archive file). You have a script for .lyx file, you can still use it on all .lyx files and you can use it as well for .LyXar because all you need to do is unzip the file, work on the .lyx, and zip it again ...

You went a long way in your message, partly, I presume, on the idea of _editing_ graphics in LyX, but this is not what I was talking about. Let me know if I have misunderstood your words ...

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