On Wednesday, 9 August 2017 09.56.31 WEST Dr Eberhard Lisse wrote:
> Jose,
> thanks, but still no error checking :-)-O
> lyx2lyx is a python script, so I am wondering whether there is not
> perhaps a way of doing this inside the script, perhaps with something
> like --upgrade-in-place (so it's not used by accident) and do this
> inside the script?

That can be done. The option could be -i or --in-place for compatibility with 
sed, perl and 

Honestly now it is not be best moment, since we are stabilizing the release for 
2.3 to be out.

I have added this task for my 2.4 to do list. If we can test the result this 
could be possibly be 
back-ported to 2.3.

> Don't know python myself, unfortunately :-)-O
> el

José Abílio

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