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Dear all,

I have installed qpdfview and although system-wide Evince is the default PDF viewer, Lyx preferes qpdfview. Is there a way to tell Lyx to select Evince? I have uninstalled qpdfview and the pdflatex option is grayed out.

Thanks in advance!
Julio Rojas
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Matej's suggestion definitely works, with the caveat that you need to do it for each type of PDF output you use. If you export to multiple PDF formats (dvipdfm, pdflatex, ...), it might be easier to open ~/.lyx/lyxrc.defaults in a text editor and do a global search-and-replace, changing "qpdfview" to "evince" in all lines starting "\viewer_alternatives pdf".

Note that, with either approach, if you reinstall qpdfview, the next time you run reconfigure it's liable to break again.


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