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thanks a lot! This works much better than my previous "solution". My suggestion would be to build it right away into the LyX footnote command for chapters, sections, and subsections.

Unfortunately \renewcommand{\footnote}{\myfnt} does not work, as \myfnt calls \footnote.

There is also the problem that the myfnt appears in the PDF bookmarks and has to be corrected by hand.

Thanks again


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2018-01-02 16:57 GMT+01:00 Ekkehart Schlicht <>:

I have footnotes to section headings (that are necessary because some sections are taken from earlier articles, and this is explained in those footnotes). In the TOC, these footnotes re-appear. It is quite clumsy to repress them in those cases by using \section* instead of \section and add \addcontentsline{section}{12 sectionname}. It would be very convenient to have footnoes to TOC entries omitted by defaultin the TOC.

The only way I ever found is to define a new "footnote" command and use it on the heading instead of the normal one. See here:

Basically you add to the Preamble




and then to insert the "footnote" on the heading you use a TeX box (Ctrl-L) with the command

\myfnt{the heading footnote}

on it. The numbering integrates without problems with normal footnotes, only on LyX it will look kind of weird. But you can always define a character style ;)




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