I am answering Guenter Milde's questions (3 Feb - 12.34) on my
original email to produce a more coherent explanation.

    I simply used export to html (Alt-feh).  The variables were /q/ and
/Q, / the png 's were generated by this process.  There was no
separation between the variables and the dot.

The pdf version (ALT-fef) has a separation between the variables and the

    I also exported to xhtml (ALT-fey).  Here the dot was not placed
above the variable but as a separate character following it.

Here the relative height of the dot changes.  For the lower case /q/ it
is above.  For the upper case /Q/ it is at the same height as the top of
the /Q/ .


Frank Salter

On 03/02/18 13:18, F M Salter wrote:
> Hi
>     I generated html output for display equations with \dot.  The png's
> generated had the dot in contact with the symbol.  Is this what is to be
> expected or is the dot too close to the symbol?
> Regards
> Frank Salter

Both;) It also depends on the symbol under the dot.

Does it look better in the PDF output of the same document?

How do you produce the HTML? elyxer or LyXHTML?

Why do you use PNGs? Nowadays most browsers support maths.

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