$ time wget 

Am 16.02.2018 um 21:32 schrieb Pavel Sanda:
Pavel Sanda wrote:
Ok, updating
US(CA); 1.88MB/s;  academic network;    M: UCSD(89.4MB/s), PL(6.83M/s), 
SA(8.85M/s), GR (6.36M/s)
US(OR); 808KB/s;   local ISP;           M: UCSD(2MB/s)
US(FL); 1.33MB/s;  residential LAN
US(TX); 20-100KB/s; hotel wifi;         M: UCSD(2.89MB/s), SA(1.42MB/s)(!), 
US(MI); 1.14MB/s;  residential cable;   M: UCSD(11.6MB/s)
Ca(Qe): 242 KB/s;  academic network;    M: UCSD(393 KB/s)
EU(Cz); 44.6MB/s;  academic network;    M: UCSD(16.3MB/s), PL(25.5MB/s), 
SA(14.3MB/s), GR(12.0MB/s)
EU(Pt); 40.8MB/s;  academic network
EU(Pt); 4.26MB/s;  local ISP;
EU(De); 414KB/s;   local ISP;

Is this the latest poll result?
could I ask the members of the Linux User Group Tuebingen to try the poll? One reason is, that my result (EU(DE) 441kB/s) is rather annoying. I would like to see the differences in and around Tuebingen city.
What are the factors affecting the download speed?

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