Hello everyone,

I have large sections of customized TeX code in the LaTeX preamble of some
LyX templates I've created over time. I would like to know if there's a way
to quickly toggle between commented and uncommented line for a given
selection of lines (say, with a keyboard shortcut), and in case there's not
a quick way to do this, I would like to ask the developers if they can
include this feature in Settings->Document->LaTeX Preamble and in the TeX
code environment (the one you have with Ctrl+L), it would also be great if
a message of how to do so (toggle comment lines keyboard shortcut) could be
included in the Settings->Document->LaTeX Preamble sub-window.

I'm sure I've read somewhere that LyX tries to the highest extent to be so
complete that users don't usually have to put TeX or Preamble code lines,
but as we users have some really customized and variable needs, I think
this would be a good feature to have in order to be more productive: we
could then toggle between the customization lines of our templates and
documents for different reasons, be them debugging or changes in document

Best regards,

*Daniel Gómez Martínez | Profesional en ingeniería eléctrica*

*Universidad Nacional de Colombi​a​*

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