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> Hello everyone,
> I have large sections of customized TeX code in the LaTeX preamble of some
> LyX templates I've created over time. I would like to know if there's a way
> to quickly toggle between commented and uncommented line for a given
> selection of lines (say, with a keyboard shortcut)

I don't know of a way to do this.

> , and in case there's not a quick way to do this, I would like to ask the
> developers if they can include this feature in Settings->Document->LaTeX
> Preamble and in the TeX code environment

I would be happy to see this also.

> (the one you have with Ctrl+L), it would also be great if a message of how
> to do so (toggle comment lines keyboard shortcut) could be included in the 
> Settings->Document->LaTeX
> Preamble sub-window.
> I'm sure I've read somewhere that LyX tries to the highest extent to be so
> complete that users don't usually have to put TeX or Preamble code lines,
> but as we users have some really customized and variable needs

The approach I use is to write a separate, external, preamble.tex file that
I then put alongside the .lyx file and in LyX's premable I issue
"\input{preamble.tex}".  Then, I can (un)comment the contained behavior in
one line.  Naturally, one can use multiple preamble files to segregate
behaviors.  Using this approach also allows multiple documents to share a
common preamble.  Further, by symbolically linking the .tex file, an update
in one instance updates behaviors globally.

- Joel

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