Le 23/02/2018 à 11:47, Wolfgang Engelmann a écrit :
where can I find the description and handling of "the 'title and preamble hacks' module"?
I searched for it in all available Helps for Lyx, but did not find it.

The only documentation that I know is in the document settings dialog, modules panel.


Provides two new styles: 1. An 'In Preamble' style that puts whatever is entered into it into the preamble. This can be used, if one wishes, to include preamble code in the body of the LyX document. 2. An 'In Title' style that will put its contents into the body of the LaTeX document, but before \maketitle is issued. This is useful for making branches and notes in title-related material. (If you put these in a Standard layout, this signals to LyX to output \maketitle, which may then come too early.)


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