Someone mentioned an issue of installing additional texlive packages in Linux; but, as a Fedora user, I don't recall any problems in doing this, so I infer that the answer as to which to use may be somewhat a function of which Linux distro one uses, if Linux is one of the OSs.

When I installed LyX on Windows, many years ago, MikTeX seemed to be the right solution. I don't remember whether I originally used MiKTeX or texlive on Linux, but when Fedora packages became available, they used texlive, so that is what I have subsequently used.

Before LyX became more sophisticated, my final productions involved punting to command-line arguments, and texlive presented no peculiar problems.

On 03/02/2018 07:05 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:

Which one is recommendable for the beginner: texlive or miktech? It should contain texlive-extra and/or texlive-publishers


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