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When I create a table, I can define the column width for single column successfully: Right-click on the table, Setting and Column Width.

However, this approach does not work if multiple columns are selected. It places double lines and changes the width of the last column. It is clearly a bug to me.

Wonder if anybody else observe the same thing.


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I see the same thing, provided the cursor is in the last column. I'm not sure it's a bug, though. The column width change applies to the column in which the cursor is positioned, regardless of what is highlighted. As for the lines, bear in mind that clicking OK or Apply applies the information in all three tabs of the dialog to the selected portion of the table, where applicable. In particular, the Borders tab will show the borders set for the cell in which the cursor is position, and those borders will be assigned to the highlighted cells. Try it with the cursor in a column other than the last one to see the effect of this.


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