On Wed, 11 Apr 2018, Aaron BrĂ¼lisauer wrote:

A seperate cover is required. A Din A4 page with my works title, my
name, company name, and even more informations about my apprenticeship.

After the abstract has to be a page breack because it's followed by the
table of contents. A third page break is required after the table of

I have tried to insert a page break via "insert -> formatting -> new
page". This breaks my formatting: screenshot_2.png


  I've used (via ERT) \newpage without any problems when the page break is
in the wrong place. I'm not familiar with the class you're using as I use
the KOMA-Script classes where the report and book classes allow for a
separate title page. Anyway, if worse comes to worst, I'd make the title
page a separate PDF document then prepend it to the rest of your work using
pdftk (the PDF toolkit) or a similar tool.

I have a second problem:

I'm using programm listings. Sometimes they get splitt over 2 pages.
This is not generaly a problem, only if it happens like this:

How can I avoid it?

  Since there appears to be only a single line on the following page I would
place \vspace{-10em} or some other value/unit above the code box to move it
slightly higher on the page.

  Others probably have better soluctions for both issues than I have and
they'll share them with you.



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