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> Hello
> Right now I'm still reading the Tutorial and I reached the section
> "Document Classes". I have tried multiple ones with my
> "first_document.lyx". I'll have to write a documentation for system
> engeneer degree. I have to documentate a installation and
> configuration of a document sync solution (Nextcloud). I'm new to LyX
> and don't know much about LateX. What class would you choose? It
> should just do the work and nothing more. Simple, easy to use. The
> right thing for a beginner. I have found some Classes which look like
> something I could use: Report, Paper, Article.
> What are "KOMA-script-****"?
> Salutations
> Aaron

If you're writing a book-like thing, I'd highly recommend the Book
document class over stuff like Memoir and Koma. My experience is that
Memoir and Koma are nice at first, but start conflicting with stuff
when you go to further customize your Document Class.

If you learn the Book class thoroughly, you'll get to the point where
you can make layout files to modify and add what you need for your
particular book.

I used Memoir as the basis for my 2007 "Twenty Eight Tales of
Troubleshooting", and had so much trouble that from then on I made it a
policy to base all my books off the Book document class, and modify it
from there.

If you're writing an article, use Article. If you're writing a letter,
use Letter (or better yet imho use LibreOffice). 

If your documentation is more than 50K words, I'd recommend the Book
class, with your own customizations as specified by those your handing
your documentation to.


Steve Litt 
April 2018 featured book: Troubleshooting Techniques
     of the Successful Technologist

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