On 2018-04-11, racoon wrote:
> On 09/04/2018 11:25, Guenter Milde wrote:
>> On 2018-04-05, racoon wrote:
>>> Hi,

>>> Is it possible to get a smaller font for floats in the working area? So,
>>> I don't want to change the LaTeX output but the float inset. For
>>> example, larger tables often would fit better with a smaller font.

>> This should be possible with a custom layout or module. See
>> Help>Customization.

> Thanks. A bit more specific information would be very helpful.

> One can use

> Font [or LabelFont or DefaultFont]
>    Size small
> EndFont

> to set the font size to small. However, this is not recognized within 
> the Float layout. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, it seems font settings are ignored in objects of type "Float".

> Maybe I could write a new inset for floats but I guess I would lose some 
> functionality that way, like the positioning via the label menu.

> So maybe you had something else in mind?

No, it was just a guess ("should be possible") gained from my experience
with insets and layouts.

Maybe you can file a feature request?

Sorry for the noise,


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