Thanks, John

The closest style I’ve come across in LyX, is “ACM-Reference-Format”. That one 
is not entirely correct regarding the conference/proceedings style… the *year* 
should be towards the end of the reference, and not just after the author names.

The style is for a conference, and follows the style of conferences for a 
computer language. Unfortunately (in my view), the style for these conferences 
has been defined starting from Word – with no knowledge or care about the 
limitations in LaTeX. [“Limitations” in LaTeX in the sense that it is much more 
difficult to modify layout in LaTeX than in Word, at least for “simple” users…]

In addition to the reference style, I have problems with:

  *   Body font size – is specified as 10.5 point, which is not supported in 
LaTeX. Someone directed me to a package for scaling the font size, but that did 
not work for me. [Some 30 years, a fellow Ph.D.-student found that the 
“optimal” font size for readability was 10.7 point. So there may be some merit 
to 10.5 point. However, for me, 11 point or 12 point would be even better 😲 – 
  *   Possibly with margins and column gap. And definitely with the top margin 
on the first page.
  *   The font type in the title – doesn’t seem to be changed to Times Roman as 
the remainder of the text is.

A general wish list for LyX could be:

  *   Better explanation for how to use conference styles/templates and journal 
templates with LyX.
  *   The documentation holds some involved description of how to set up Layout 
files. But this seems overly complex (?). Maybe a video would be better.

I fear that new (conference/journal) layouts which are not supported by LyX 
will be more common in the future, as more and more “amateur typographs” 
develop their own styles in Word ☹.

I’ve had problems even with IEEE conference templates… A couple of years ago, I 
used an IEEE conference style that was not supported in LyX, so I had to have a 
student help me using some other tool. And then, IEEE’s own test tool for 
checking whether the papers followed their style, flagged my paper as not 
adhering to their style. Those using the Word style had no problem. I suspect 
that their LaTeX style was not fully according to the requirements tested in 
their test tool…


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I "think" I have seen this format in some  (sociological?)  journals but I have 
no idea what LyX/LaTeX format would work.

What journal or style guide are you aiming at? That might help us narrow things 
down. It is not clear to me what you mean by "reference style (Harvard)".
You might want to have a look at the various formats that the bibliographic 
management system Zotero supplies  and see if there is a reference to the LaTeX 

Fair warning though, Zotero supports over 9,000 journal formats and a quick 
wade through the sociological styles suggests my memory is the equivalent of 
Swiss Cheese.

On 9 April 2018 at 12:09, Bernt Lie <<>> 
Hi Michael,
Thanks. But observe that references are sorted alphabetically on first author 
*but listed as first name followed by family name*.
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Hello Bernt,

my example as per attachment used style = papalike.

Not quite what you are looking for but  rather close.


On 09.04.2018 08:48, Bernt Lie wrote:
Anyone knows of a LyX reference style (Harvard) that produces a reference list 
as below? (I normally use other styles…)



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